P.1 Organizational Description

Case Study


Note: This Case Study refers to OE21 P.1 Organizational Description


P.1 Organizational Description - ONLINE MEETING 1


  • Note: The Elafino Sports Center OE21 Facilitator (FAC) role is assigned to LFT-IT (Seymour Bits). Seymour was selected because he is very good at computers, applications, and file management. Seymour is the main point of contact for the OE21 Provider (HPO21 Institute). The FAC plays a key support role in the implementation of all OE21 standards. The HPO21 Institute assists the FAC with help support emails and optional online coaching (as required). 

The OE21 Facilitator (FAC) plans and initiates an online meeting to discuss the implementation of the OE21 P.1 Organizational Description standard. This online meeting is attended by the Elafino CEO, CFO, VP Administration, Public Relations Manager, IT Manager, VP Marketing and Sales, VP Operations, and the HR Manager.


The FAC leads the meeting with an online desktop presentation of the OE21 Guideline P.1 Organizational Description web page. The FAC begins the meeting with an introductory statement:


"The purpose of this meeting is to initiate the implementation of the OE21 Guideline P.1 Organizational Description."


The CEO asks, "So, why should we implement this guideline?"


The FAC responds by pointing to the VALUE ADDED list in Guideline P.1 and reads it aloud:


"The P.1 Organizational Description adds these values and benefits"


  • Captures organizational description (offerings, workforce, assets, and other key information)

  • Introduces new workers, customers, or stakeholders to the organization characteristics

  • Used to support organizational assessments

  • Used as part of Baldrige Award Application

  • Provides a good organization description for new employees to speed up onboarding time

  • Displays organization information to help customers, prospects, and stakeholders understand the full capabilities of the Elafino Sports Center organization


The VP Operations asks, "Where did this guideline come from?"


The FAC responds by pointing to the P.1 Organizational Description (Requirements) content-box, visible on Guideline P.1 page, and responds to the question. 


"All the OE21 Guidelines, including P.1 are based on the Baldrige Framework, which has been approved by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The FAC scrolls through the P.1 Organizational Description standards to give the attendees an idea of the scope of the work to be accomplished.


The VP Administration asks, "How will we pull all this information for P.1 together?"


The FAC responds. "We will follow the implementation steps published on this OE21 P.1 page."


The FAC then points to the Implementation Process Steps listed below and on the P.1 page.


The FAC summarizes the process: "Basically we will use a web-based survey to collect information from those of you who will receive the survey link."


"After we have your survey inputs, I (the FAC) will work with a smaller group of you to export these survey inputs and integrate them into the P.1 Organizational Description document. When we believe the document is ready, the Leadership Focus Team (LFT) will review and approve it. Then I will publish this document onto the Elafino Sports Center INTRANET."


P.1 Organizational Description - IMPLEMENTATION


After the Opening Meeting, the FAC guides the Elafino focus teams through the implementation process steps. The results of this successful implementation are presented in the following content.


P.1 Organizational Description: The (Elafino Sports Center) organization has identified its key organizational characteristics, including the following:


a. Organizational Environment

(1) Product Offerings – The Elafino Sports Center maintains a list of main products (services) offerings, including the relative importance of each to the organization’s success, and the mechanisms used to deliver each of them.


The Elafino Organization's offerings include:

  • Adult Hockey Lessons/Games

  • Youth Hockey Lessons/Games

  • Figure Skating Lessons/Competitions

  • Fitness Center Equipment/Coaching

  • Concessions

  • Party Room Rentals

  • Game Room

  • Vending Machines

  • Equipment, Uniform, and Misc. Store

  • Restaurant

  • Unused Rink (for future expansion)


Figure 1.1-1 is a diagram of the Elafino Sports Center. The diagram shows three (3) rinks, used for key services of hockey, ice skating, and Fitness Center. These services are supported by the rink seating benches, concession stand and tables, admissions booth, and management offices. The diagram also shows an unused risk and restaurant, as well as several small offices for lease.

                                         Figure 1.1-1 Elafino Sports Center Diagram

(2) Mission, Vision, and Values - The Elafino Sports Center maintains statements of mission, vision, and values, including the organization’s core competencies, and their relationship to the mission


  • Mission: The Elafino Sports Center's mission is to provide community multi-sports activities to youth, teen, young adult, adult and senior citizens within our service area.


  • Vision: The Elafino Sports Center's vision is to be the top-rated hockey, figure skating and fitness center in the community we serve.


  • Values: The Elafino Sports Center's values are being created based on the Baldrige Framework Core Values and Concepts.


(3) Workforce Profile - The Elafino Sports Center maintains the following employee positions:

  • CEO

  • CFO

  • Administrator

  • Public Relations

  • VP Marketing

  • Purchasing Manager

  • Human Resources Manager

  • VP Operations

  • Information Management Manager

  • Hockey Manager

  • Skate Manager

  • Fitness Center Manager

  • Workforce (100 employees)

  • Workforce Diversity: 10% minority; 20% of women


Figure 1.1-2 is a diagram of the Elafino Organization Chart. The diagram shows the hierarchy of leaders, managers and employees. 


                                     Figure 1.1-2 Elafino Sports Center Organization Chart


The Human Resources Manager maintains a protected file of each employee, including:


  • Employee education versus requirements

  • Employee experience versus requirements

  • Manager's rating of employee performance

  • Key drivers that engage employees

  • HR hiring, severance rewards, issues

  • Employee certifications and certificates

  • Employee career roadmap and job positions


(4) Assets- The Elafino Sports Center maintains a list of its major facilities, technologies, and equipment, including:


  • Financial Assets reported by CFO

  • Long-term facility and parking lot lease

  • Three (3) skating rinks with stands

  • Rental ice skates, hockey equipment, uniforms

  • Zamboni ice vehicle and equipment

  • Restaurant with full equipment & furniture

  • Restaurant lease deals for sports brands

  • Fitness Center with weights and other equipment

  • Concession Stand with food/beverage equipment

  • Small room/offices (7 total) for lease or internal use

  • Executive office for internal use

  • Admissions booth and equipment

  • Facility computers and network

  • Facility sound system


(5) Regulatory Requirements - The Elafino Sports Center maintains a description of the regulatory environment under which the organization operates, including:

  • OSHA Safety Guidelines

  • Sports Center Licenses

  • Environmental Guidelines

  • HR Guidelines and Legal Requirements

  • IRS Requirements


b. Organizational Relationships


(1) Organizational Structure- The Elafino Sports Center maintains its organizational structure and management system, including the reporting relationships among the senior leaders, managers, employees, key stakeholders (Investors and Community Leaders), as appropriate.

The primary elements of the organization structure include:



(2) Customers and Stakeholders - The Elafino Sports Center maintains a description of key market segments, customer groups, and stakeholder groups, including:


  • Senior, Adult, and Youth Hockey students

  • Hockey games attendees

  • Prospective Hockey students and attendees

  • Senior, Adult and Youth Figure skating students

  • Figure skating events attendees

  • Prospective Figure skating students and attendees

  • Fitness Center members and trainees

  • Prospective Fitness Center members

  • Elafino Sports Center owners and investors

  • Elafino Sports Center Community Stakeholders (Chamber of Commerce, Sports Education Institutions, and Sports Health Organizations)


Note: Implementation of OE21 Guidelines 3.1 Voice of the Customer and 3.2 Customer Engagement, help the Elafino Sports Center define the key requirements and expectations for the organization’s products or services, customer support services, and operations, as well as the differences in these requirements and expectations among market segments, customer groups, and stakeholder groups.


(3) Suppliers and Partners - The Elafino Sports Center maintain a list of its key types of suppliers, partners, and collaborators, including:

  • Hockey: Hockey Instructors contractors

  • Figure Skating: Figure Skating Instructor contractors

  • Fitness Center: Equipment maintenance contractor

  • Suppliers of Utilities, Zamboni, Janitorial, Concession Stand, Security Guards, and local businesses who may lease the available restaurant and small offices

  • Software suppliers for all PC and Networks


Note: The Elafino Sports Center senior leaders maintain key mechanisms for two-way communication with suppliers, partners, and collaborators, and the role, if any, that these organizations play in contributing and implementing innovations in the Elafino Sports Center and the key supply-chain requirements, as appropriate.​​​

The Elafino LFT-IT (Seymour Bits) published the above P.1 output results to the Elafino INTRANET, then notified all focus teams and managers of this update.


P.1 Organizational Description - Notification to Focus Teams and Status Update


After the P.1 Organizational Description is published on the Elafino INTRANET, the FAC sends an email to all focus team members (LFT, CFT, OFT, and WFT). The email contains the following statements:


"Congratulations on completing OE21 Guideline P.1 the Organizational Description."


"I have published our new P.1 Organizational Description to our Intranet." 


"The description will be updated as often as changes to this published information are made and we must keep it up to date."

"Today I will update the OE21 implementation status on the Elafino Intranet OE21 Main page, so you can navigate there and see our progress to date."

"Thanks for the good work on our OE21 Program Implementation!"

After sending the email, the FAC goes to the Elafino Intranet and opens the OE21 Main page. This page is identical to the OE21 Main page. The FAC inputs the status update for the following OE21 standards that have been completed at this stage of implementation:


[100%] A.1 OE21 Setup

[100%] B.1 Organization Results Assessment

[100%] P.1 Organizational Description

The FAC publishes this page on the Elafino Intranet.

Drinking Coffee
Colleagues Working in Office


  • Should we try to introduce new hires, new customers, and other stakeholders to the organization over a cup of coffee -or- should we refer them to the P.1 Organizational Description published on the organization web site?

  • What did you learn from your studies of this OE21 Standard P.1?

  • What should you do to become a better manager?

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