The Leadership Focus Team (LFT)  includes CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CHRO, President, VP, and other senior leaders

The primary charter of the LFT is to measure and improve results in four areas:

  • Financial Performance

  • Market/Sales Performance

  • Strategy Alignment & Accomplishment

  • Leadership and Social Impact

To help the LFT improve these results the OE21 program provides eleven (11) standards listed below.

Each of the LFT standards includes implementation procedures and decision support tools.



(LFT) P.1 Organizational Description

(LFT) P.2 Organizational Situation    

(LFT) B.1 Organization Excellence Assessment 

(ALL) Guide to Assessments/Survey Process

1 Leadership                    
(LFT) 1.1 Senior Leadership                   
(LFT) 1.2 Governance and Social Responsibilities                   
2 Strategy                    
(LFT) 2.1 Strategy Development                   
(LFT) 2.2 Strategy Implementation                   

4 Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management          
(LFT) 4.1 Measurement/Analysis/Improvement of Performance  
(LFT) 4.2 Information and Knowledge Management                                                       
7. Results

(LFT)  7.4 Leadership and Governance Results

(LFT)  7.5 Financial and Market Results