OE21 P.2 Organizational Situation

Strategic Objective:

Document snapshot of competitive environment, strategic context, and more

Quality Objective:

Quality Objective:

Helps leadership and customer focus teams establish organization strategy

Approved: 99-AAA-17:

Approved by: (Name),  Chair, Leadership Focus Team (LFT)

Approved: DD-MMM-YY

Lead: Leadership Focus Team (LFT-IT)  Support: Customer Focus Team (CFT)





  • Captures important strategic and competitive information about the organization

  • Provides important inputs to 2.1 strategy development and 2.2 strategy deployment 

  • Supports B.1 Organizational Assessments

  • Used as part of the Baldrige Award Application


Reference: Baldrige Excellence Framework Section P.2 Organizational Situation

NOTE: This information is normally updated after completion of LFT 2.1 Strategy Development and 2.2 Strategy implementation.

a. Competitive Environment


(1) Competitive Position - statement of the organization’s competitive position, including, relative size and growth in the industry or the markets served, and number and types of competitors.


(2) Competitiveness Changes - statement of key changes, if any, that are affecting the competitive situation, including changes that create opportunities for innovation and collaboration, as appropriate.


(3) Comparative Data - statement of key sources of comparative and competitive data available from within the industry, including limitations, if any, affecting the ability to obtain or use these data.


b. Strategic Context - statement of key strategic challenges and advantages in the areas of business, operations, societal responsibilities, and workforce.


c. Performance Improvement System - statement of the key elements of the performance improvement system, including the processes for evaluation and improvement of key organizational projects and processes.


P.2 Flow Diagram.PNG

Figure P.2-1 Process Flow Diagram for P.2 Organizational Situation


Figure P.2-2 Process Chart Instructions for P.2 Organizational Situation

Inputs to P.2 Organizational Situation

  • P.2-LFT-S Organizational Profile Part 2  (survey)

  • List of Survey Responders (with email addresses; created by LFT)

Measurement and Analysis Tools and Techniques

  • Export survey file from P.2-LFT-S Organizational Profile Part 2 

Outputs from P.2 Organizational Situation

  • Milestone 1 - Prepare for and conduct P2 Survey
    Milestone 2 - Review P2 Survey Results
    Milestone 3 - Create P.2 Organizational Situation

P.2 Implementation Instructions




Note: Implementation of P.2 is led by the LFT-IT and supported by the other focus teams (CFT, OFT and WFT). When complete, the P.1 document is reviewed and approved by the LFT (CEO, CFO, etc.)

Task P.2.1 View the 2019-2020_Baldrige_Framework_Criteria_Commentary (pdf)Read section P.2 Organizational Situation to learn its purpose and use.  

Task P.2.2 Review P.2-LFT-S Organizational Profile Part 2 (survey).


Task P.2.3 Make a list of survey responders. The people in your organization who know the most about the organization's customers, markets, and competitors are ideal responders to the survey. Usually, a small group of people is adequate. They will respond to the questions in the P.2 Organizational Situation Survey.

  • PROGRESS: You have reached Milestone 1 (good work). Input the status [18%] on the organization's OE21 Intranet Main page alongside the title of this standard.


Tasks P.2.4 Launch the P.2-LFT-S Organizational Profile Part 2 Survey

Tasks P.2.5 Close and Export Survey. After responders have submitted their inputs to the survey then close the survey. Next, use the survey system to export the results to a spreadsheet file.


Tasks P.2.6  Review Survey. Review the P.2 Organizational Situation Survey (export file) to make sure the data collected are accurate, valid, and complete.

  • NOTE: When your organization has finished conducting this survey, go to your Intranet OE21 Main page and use your organization's link to this survey to review the results.

  • PROGRESS: You have reached Milestone 2 (good work). Input the status [32%] on the organization's OE21 Intranet Main page alongside the title of this standard.

Tasks P.2.7 Create P.2 Organizational Description Document. Survey responders collaborate to create a two-page P.2 Organizational Situation document file. The 2-page limit applies only if you intend to submit the P.2 document as part of a Baldrige Award Process. The applications for Baldrige Awards typically allow a maximum of five pages for the Baldrige Profile (Parts 1 and Part 2 combined). 


Tasks P.2.8 - Audit and save the final P.2 Organizational Situation document.

Task P.2.9 - (Optional) - Publish the P.2 Organizational Situation document on your organization's Intranet (non-public access) with a login/password for only those who should see this competitive information.

Task P.2.10 -Notify the people with access that this content is available on your Intranet and provide a link and password to that page. 

Result: P.2 Organizational Situation published. See the Value-Added section of this OE21 page.

  • PROGRESS: You have reached Milestone 3 (congratulations). Input the status [100%] on the organization's OE21 Intranet Main page alongside the title of this standard.


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