The Customer Focus Team (LFT)  includes managers of customer marketing, sales and customer relations).

The primary charter of the CFT is to measure and improve results in four areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction and Value

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction and Value

  • Product and Service Performance

  • Program Outcomes

To help the CFT improve these results the OE21 program provides four (4) standards listed below.

Each of the CFT standards includes implementation procedures and decision support tools.


Team Guide

Implementation Guide


OE21 Survey Process (applicable to all surveys)

3 Customers                    


(CFT) 3.1 Voice of the Customer                   

(CFT) 3.2 Customer Engagement                   

(CFT) 3.2a Opportunity Marketing Guide                              
7. Results


(CFT)  7.2 Customer-Focused Results ​