The Operations Focus Team (OFT)  includes managers of Product/Service Design, Production, Delivery, Supplier, Quality and Risk

The primary charter of the OFT is to measure and improve results in four areas:

  • Process Management

  • Project & Administrative Management

  • Supplier/Supply Chains Management

  • Quality and Risk Management

To help the OFT improve these results the OE21 program provides eight (8) standards listed below.

Each of the OFT standards includes implementation procedures and decision support tools.


6 Operations                    


(OFT) 6.1a Product, Service, and Process Design                   


(OFT) 6.1b Process & Project Management and Improvement          


(OFT) 6.1c Supplier and Supply Chain Management


(OFT) 6.1d Innovation and Risk Management


(OFT) 6.2a Process Efficiency and Effectiveness


(OFT) 6.2b Management of Information Systems


(OFT) 6.2c Safety and Emergency Preparedness

7. Results


(OFT)  7.1 Product and Process Results