OE21 Workforce Excellence Learning Process

About Workforce Excellence Learning Process 

The Workforce Focus Team (WFT) is responsible for the implementation of four (4) OE21 Workforce Excellence Standards, each linked to individual web pages containing complete implementation instructions. 

The goal of the OE21 program is to speed the process from learning to full implementation of the standards. The OE21 learning approach is to use a Learning Workbook for 5.1 Workforce Environment.


The Workbook is a downloaded spreadsheet file that contains learning instructions and assignments. 


Based upon our experience in training managers to implement OE21 standards and tools, and our determination not to "over-train" managers while delaying implementation. We believe that if managers complete the Learning Workbook for the 5.1 Workforce Environment, that they will be fully capable of moving ahead with full implementation without additional workbooks or training. 

In other words, the Learning Workbook for 5.1 Workforce Environment will be executed by each member of the Workforce Focus Team (WFT). The WFT will then implement all of their standards (5.1, 5.2a, 5.2b, and 7.3) without the need for additional training or workbooks.

Figure 1 presents the OE21 Learning Assignment Process for 5.1 Workforce Environment. 

OE21 Learning Process.png

Figure 1 OE21 Learning and Assignment Process

The process displayed in Figure 1 is better understood by downloading and reviewing the 5.1 Workforce Excellence Learning Workbook. Use the link below to download this file.

The Workbook contains instructions, learning assignments, and quiz questions. The participant (student) must read instructions, do the learning assignments, and answer quiz questions by marking an "x" to the right of correct answers. The Workbook file MUST BE SAVED as the participant performs the steps. 

When all steps in the Workbook are completed, the participant uses it to input the selected answers into the online quiz for the standard. This process speeds up the online quiz process and helps avoid mistakes due to what some call "quiz or test fatigue." 

Ready to get started?

Step 1 - Download the following OE21 files and documents used in the Workforce Excellence Workbook:




Step 2 - Use the Workforce Excellence Learning Workbook. Follow the instructions, learning assignments, and select "x" correct answers to quiz questions. SAVE AS YOU PROCEED AHEAD.  

Step 3 - After all Assignments for each OE21 Standard are finished, participants use their selected Quiz answers as their source to answer questions in the online OE21 Workbook Quiz which is accessed using Survey Methods (www.surveymethods.com). Use the following link to access and input responses to quiz questions: 

  • 5.1 Workforce Excellence Online Quiz (CM ACTION)

What Happens Next:

After (all) participants finish inputting their answers into the online Assignments Quiz, a designated Training Manager exports the results from Survey Methods and inserts this export file into the OE21 Workbook Quiz Grading Model (spreadsheet .xlsx).


The Training Manager communicates results to individual participants and the participant's focus team leader. (LFT, CFT, OFT, or WFT leader).


The designated Training Manager and Focus Team Leaders should decide on appropriate actions for participants who fail to score at least 80% using the OE21 Workbook Quiz Grading Model. Appropriate actions might include repeat assignments, replace participants, or other actions.

Final Step - The WFT moves ahead to full implementation of standards 5.1, 5.2a, 5.2b, and 7.3.

End of WFT Learning Process