OE21 Implementation Guide

Strategic Objective:

Implement all OE21 Standards

Strategic Objective:

Quality Objective:

Ensure that OE21 standards and tools are understood and implemented well

Quality Objective:

Approved: 20-Dec-17

Approved: DD-MMM-YY:



Approved by: Name, Chair, Leadership Focus Team (LFT)

All OE21 Focus Teams (LFT, CFT, OFT and WFT)

OE21 Implementation Process

OE21 Desired Outcomes: The OE21 Program desired outcome for the organization is to boost existing performance (of financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results) to high-performance organization levels which place the organization as "best in class and value" versus competitive or comparative organizations.    

OE21 Implementation Objectives:

The organization focus team members become engaged, better motivated and more efficient in implementing the OE21 Standards by following these steps: 

1. Read the OE21 Standard HEADING (top of standard page), including strategic objective, quality objective and responsibility for standard. Determine what team approves the standard and what team is responsible for the standard. If assigned, obtain a list of the names of the team members. 

2. Read the VALUE ADDED statements for the standard. Ask yourself if you believe that implementing this standard is worthwhile. If possible, discuss your opinions with other team members. 

3. Read the standard POLICY statements. Obtain a copy of the Baldrige Excellence Framework from the Team Leader. Find the applicable Baldrige Framework Item(s) restated as a policy in the OE21 standard. (Baldrige Framework questions are restated as OE21 policy). 

4. Discover how the standard is positioned (which block) in the PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM, and note what OE21 standards are before and after this standard as displayed on the Process Flow Diagram. Know where you have been (predecessors), where you are now (this standard) and where you are going (successors). If you are confused, discuss your questions with other team members. 

5. Discover how PROCESS CHARTS relates to the Implementation Instructions for the standard. To understand this relationship, scroll from the Process Chart (steps) to the same steps in the Implementation Instructions section.


6. Locate the MILESTONE COMPLETION bars in the PROCESS CHARTS. Note that implementation steps are grouped into logical activities that lead to MILESTONES.


  • TRACKING MILESTONES: Each group of implementation steps leads to a Milestone. Milestones provide a means of tracking implementation progress. Inside the PROCESS CHART and on the right side of the Milestone Completion bar you see a cumulative percent value (e.g. 19%, 25%, 90%, 100%). Values are used to track progress.

  • During the installation of OE21 (A.1 OE21 Setup), the LFT (IT) created an INTRANET OE21 MAIN PAGE on the organization's INTRANET. This is a duplicate of the OE21 Main page. After implementation steps are completed up to the Milestones, the percent value for each milestone is input on the organization's INTRANET MAIN PAGE.


  • Exercise: Go to the OE21 MAIN page and see brackets with % alongside the title of each standard, e.g. [  %]. That space before % is where you input the Milestone % complete. As % complete values are updated on your organization's INTRANET MAIN PAGE, everyone can go there and quickly see each team's implementation progress. (Return to this page).  

7. Next, read INPUTS to the standard. This gives a quick summary of what is needed to execute the implementation steps. 


8.  Read MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES for the standard. This gives a quick look at the spreadsheet models and other documents used to execute the implementation steps.


9.  Read OUTPUTS for the standard. This gives a quick summary of what data and information are produced from the execution of the implementation steps. The two key OE21 outputs of the majority of OE21 standards are the Excellence Action Plan (project plan) and the Excellence Metrics (trend charts).

10. When time permits, scroll down to CASE STUDY and give it a good read. This will give you a better idea of how OE21 is implemented in an organization. 

11. After you have read the Case Study, notify your Focus Team Leader and other team members that you are ready to proceed with the IMPLEMENTATION INSTRUCTIONS. Your team should collaborate to decide who does what and when to execute the Implementation Instructions.