5.2b Workforce and Leader Development Case Study

Note: This Case Study refers to specific OE21 surveys and tools (spreadsheets or docs). Please try the blue link(s) below to learn more about these surveys and tools:


5.2b Workforce and Leader Development


Assumption: The (Elafino Sports Center) organization has implemented the OE21 5.2b Workforce and Leader Development process, which lead to the following outputs and results:

The Elafino Sports Center applied the results from this implementation which led to a substantial effort to create the documents and processes that were missing, including those associated with each of the following:


  • Job Descriptions

  • Career Road Maps

  • Succession Plans

  • Training Needs

  • Training Effectiveness

  • Additional Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.)


The WFT created good Job Descriptions for every Elafino Sports Center Work Units, including the significant Hockey, Figure Skating and Fitness Center units.


The WFT created new Career Road Maps for all Elafino managers and supervisors. The roadmaps were in flow chart form from the bottom box (entry level managers) up to the top box (senior executive level). The WFT added "sub-steps" between each career level.


  • For example, to rise from level 1 (entry manager) to level 2 (department manager), there are two levels (1.1 and 1.2) which indicate advancement. These additional smaller steps helped the WFT and HR Manager set pay increase percentages for each level. This practice helps the employee stay motivated and engaged because they are likely to get performance-based pay raises more often.


The WFT found that the Elafino needed a policy for Succession Planning, specifically for the CEO, and VP Operations. 


The WFT collected all existing written training courses, plans or instructions for hockey, figure staking and fitness center work units. The surveys of how well these courses, plans or instructions helped the employees learn their jobs and do them better after training showed a significant need for updated and new training courses and instructions for all hockey and fitness center employees and work units.

The WFT conducts annual Workforce and Leader Development assessments and inputs ratings for each department into the OE21 Workforce and Leaders Development Matrix (Figure 5.2b-1). As shown in this Figure, the Elafino Departments Charlie and Foxtrot (codes for Hockey and Figure Skating Departments) have low scores in the 170 point range, compared to a maximum score of 350 points. The WFT has the responsibility to improve these areas of low performance. 


The WFT created all the measures suggested in this OE21 Guideline. Figure 5.2b-2 (below) is an example of a measure of Workforce Learning and Development. The Action Plan that supports Figure 5.2b included who-what-when for actions to update specific hockey and figure skating training courses and instruction sets.


The Elafino Sports Center Focus teams were united in their belief that the hockey and figure skating training courses and instructions are critical for two reasons:


1. The new or updated training courses and instructions are helping Elafino employees realize their full potential, and think more seriously about their career and learning objectives and desires; and


2. The Marketing and Sales VP realized that there was a need for Customer contact training to help employees gain critical skills and knowledge about Elafino's products and customers, and how to listen to and engage with customers, including those that participate in hockey, figure staking training and the walk-in customers who come to watch the events.

Figure 5.2b-1 Workforce and Leaders Development Matrix (example)

Figure 5.2b-3 Workforce Learning and Development 

The Elafino LFT (IT Manager) published the 5.2b Workforce and Leader Development output results on the Elafino INTRANET, and notifies all focus teams and managers of these updates.