4.2 Information and Knowledge Management

Case Study


4.2 Knowledge Management and Information


Assumption: The (Elafino Sports Center) organization has implemented OE21 4.2 Knowledge Management and Information, which addresses the following:

  • Baldrige Intranet™ Login Access (by users)

  • Baldrige Intranet™ Updates

  • Baldrige Intranet™ New Content

  • Data and Information (Quality)

  • Data and Information (Availability)

  • Organization Computer (hardware) Availability

  • Software/Program Availability

  • Information Management Needs & User Satisfaction Assessments

  • Organizational Knowledge Management

By implementing OE21 4.2 Knowledge Management and Information (Figure 4.2-1), the Elafino Sports Center has an integrated knowledge management system, created from the Baldrige Framework and consisting of:


  • OE21 Guidelines (27) Baldrige-Aligned Content and Instructions

  • Focus Team Tools and Surveys (~50)

  • OE21 file storage (e.g., SharePoint, DropBox, other)

  • Performance Management Dashboard & Metrics

  • Elafino Standard Operation Procedures

4.2.1 OE21 Main.JPG

Figure 4.2-1 Integrated Knowledge Management System

The Elafino Sports Center focus teams use the OE21 Guidelines and Tools to measure performance and improve processes and results. The output files include survey results, spreadsheet models with data inputs and results, and other supporting documents. These outputs are typically published on the Elafino INTRANET so that results of the OE21 initiative can be shared with others in the organization.

The following outputs are published on a password-protected section of the Elafino's OE21 INTRANET pages, and made available to the organization's senior leaders and managers:


The OE21 Integrated Knowledge Management System resulting in crucial accomplishments, including:


  • The managers and workers who control the main services (hockey, figure skating, and fitness center) used OE21 guidelines for S.O.P. and the OE21 Process Chart tools to define and document each step in their processes. The result was a new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for hockey, figure skating and fitness center services.


  • The SOP creating process led to discoveries of new ways to reduce the cycle time and cost of the processes. The SOP documents made it easier to keep workers on the right track, reduced rework and defects, and made it easier to train new workers or retrain existing workers. SOP value contribution was very high.


  • The SOP documents were published on the Elafino OE21 INTRANET, making them rapidly accessible to authorized workers and managers.


  • The Elafino OE21 INTRANET proved to be an excellent means of communicating results of implementing key OE21 Guidelines, including organizational description, strategic plan and key customer and stakeholder information.


The Elafino LFT (IT Manager) provides the OE21 login/password administration for the Elafino INTRANET, publishes the OE21 Guidelines pages, and notifies all focus teams and managers of updates and changes.​​

The Elafino LFT (IT Manager) published Guideline 4.2 Knowledge Management and Information output results on the Elafino INTRANET, and notified all focus teams and managers of these updates.