WFT 5.2b Workforce and Leader Learning Development (survey & matrix)

Title: WFT 5.2b Workforce and Leader Learning Development (survey)

Purpose: Collect work unit assessment ratings from work units and department regarding their needs fo workforce and leader learning development (courses and other means of development)

Responsibility: Workforce Focus Team (WFT)

Value: Assess important measures of learning and development systems and methods. 

Inputs: All work unit managers and department leaders provide survey inputs including responses to:

  • Position Descriptions

  • Career Road Maps

  • Key Process documentation and charting

  • Training Needs (for comparison to other training surveys)

  • Workforce Engagement (retention and productivity)

  • Workforce Engagement (extent of employee and manager engagement)

  • Workforce Diversity and Respect 


  • Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and ratings for work units)

WFT 5.2b Workforce and Leader Learning Development (survey) 3 of 8 questions

WFT_5.2b_Workforce_Leaders_Learning_Development_Matrix (.xlsx)

Title: WFT_5.2b_Workforce_Leaders_Learning_Development_Matrix (.xlsx)

Purpose: Calculate work unit ratings in percent and points for each of the seven key items listed in the image below.

Responsibility: Workforce Focus Team (WFT)

Value: Use workforce and leader development ratings to assess and improve overall workforce and leader development, productivity and engagement. 

Inputs: Data is from WFT 5.2b Workforce and Leader Learning Development (survey) for all work units.

Computations:  The Work_Unit_Performance_Matrix calculates work unit average and total scores. These and the survey data are normally used to create a report of overall workforce and leaders development.

WFT_5.2b_Workforce_Leaders_Learning_Development_Matrix (.xlsx)