WFT 5.2b Education and Training Needs Assessment (survey) 

Title: WFT 5.2b Education and Training Needs Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Collect workforce estimates overall education and training needs (other than job specific courses)

Responsibility: Workforce Focus Team (WFT)

Value: Captures workforce (employees and managers) feedback on the possible need for new or revised education and training courses, in order to do a better job and to advance their career in the organization. 

Inputs: All employees and managers input their responses to the WFT 5.2b Education and Training Needs Assessment of the following:

  • Work Team Training
    Leadership Training
    Manager/Supervisor Training
    Customer Contact Training
    Quality Training
    Basic Skills Training (reading, math, computer, etc.)
    Training Course Availability
    Training Course Usability and Effectiveness
    Quality of the Training Courses
    Suggestions for improving Training


  • Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and ratings for work units)

  • The WFT normally uses this survey to create a report for each course, with recommendations for either improving the organizations overall training programs. All important courses available or needed should be addressed in the report. 

WFT 5.2b Education and Training Needs Assessment (survey) 3 of 11 questions