WFT 5.2b Course Training Effectiveness (survey) 

Title: WFT 5.2b Course Training Effectiveness (survey)

Purpose: Collect workforce estimates of each key course training effectiveness. 

Responsibility: Workforce Focus Team (WFT)

Value: Collect job title of each survey responder along with their estimates of two aspects of the each course.  

Inputs: All employees and managers who have completed organization key training courses input their responses to the WFT 5.2b Course Training Effectiveness, including:

  • Extent that course helped the responder do a better job

  • Each responders suggestions for course improvements


  • Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and ratings for work units)

  • The WFT normally uses this survey to create a report for each course, with recommendations for either making the course better or consider dropping or replacing the course. All important courses should be addressed in the report. 

WFT 5.2b Course Training Effectiveness (survey)