WFT 5.2a Manager Engagement (survey and dashboard)

Title: WFT 5.2a Manager Engagement (survey)

Purpose: Collect workforce satisfaction and engagement from all employees

Responsibility: Workforce Focus Team (WFT)

Value: Assess employee satisfaction and engagement in work unit groups (all employees). Use the work unit ratings to determine the relative satisfaction and engagement across all work units. Collect feedback from the workforce (voice of the workforce) including ideas to improve their current levels of satisfaction and engagement. 

Inputs: All employees input their Work Unit ID or title, and current measure of satisfaction and engagement. Survey data is input into the Work Unit Satisfaction Matrix (see image below)


  • Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and responses)

  • Work Unit Satisfaction Matrix calculates average measures versus target (goal) for each employee, summarized into work units. 


Figure 5.2a-2 Manager Engagement Survey Results 2 of 11 questions

WFT_5.2a_Manager_Engagement_Estimator (.xlsx)

Title: WFT 5.2a Manager Engagement Estimator (.xlxs)

Purpose: Display Manager Engagement Dashboards and question fields

Responsibility: Workforce Focus Team (WFT)

Value: Organizes data from the WFT 5.2a Manager Engagement (survey) into ratings of engagement, including the following Dashboard 1 ratings:

  • Low Engagement (worst)

  • Uncommitted

  • High Engagement (best)

Organizes data from the WFT 5.2a Manager Engagement (survey) into 22 engagement categories arranged in a Pareto Chart (see Dashboard 2 below)

Inputs: All employees input their scores (0 to 10 range) into the 11 question WFT 5.2a Manager Engagement (survey).


  • Dashboards 1 and 2 (see images below)

  • Individual questions (22) with averaged ratings and narrative inputs (see last image below) 


5.2a-2 Manager Engagement Results Dashboard 1


5.2a-3 Manager Engagement Results Dashboard 2


5.2a-3 Manager Engagement Results Question 1 of 22