OFT Implementation Tracker

Title: OFT_Implementation_Tracker (xlsx)

Purpose: Track progress of implementing all OE21 standards for Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Tracks who does what and when, including percent (%) of task completed versus % planned

Inputs: OFT enters estimated hours per task, planned finish date and task % completion

Calculations: Implementation Variance (between task completion and tasks planned)

Tabs (8): 


  • 6.1a Product, Service, and Process Design 

  • 6.1b Process and Project Management & Improvement

  • 6.1c Supplier and Supply Chain Management

  • 6.1d Innovation and Risk Management

  • 6.2a Process Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • 6.2b Management of Information Systems

  • 6.2c Safety and Emergency Preparedness

  • 7.1 Product and Process Results


Tab 3 of 8: 6.2a Process Efficiency and Effectiveness