OFT_6.2c.1_Business_Continuity_Plan_Guide (.pdf) and Worksheets

OFT_6.2c.1_Business_Continuity_Plan_Guide (.pdf) and Worksheets

Title: OFT 6.2c.1 Business Continuity Plan Guide  and Worksheets (.pdf)

Purpose: These three U.S. Government documents are aimed at helping organizations implement a safe and continuous environment and business continuity, including plans for safety, disaster or emergency preparations and recovery plans

Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT) and Leadership Focus Team (LFT)


  • OFT_6.2c.1_Business_Continuity_Plan_Guide (.pdf) 12 pages provides business continuity guidelines

  • OFT_6.2c.2_Business_Continuity_Plan_Worksheet(.pdf) 4 pages provides organization, team member contacts, and guielines for manual workarounds, incident management, vendors and contractors, and plan distribution and access

Inputs: OFT and LFT teams use these three documents to create the organizations Business Continuity Plans and Procedures. 

Outputs:  Final  Business Continuity Plans and Procedures should be published to the organization's INTRANET and deployed to all members of the workforce, as well as vendors, contractors and partners.


OFT_6.2c.1_Business_Continuity_Plan_Guide (.pdf) 12 pages

 Note: This booklet is available free from FEMA and a copy is provided with OE21 tools

OFT 6.2c.1 Business Continuity Plan and Impact Worksheets (.pdf) 




Note: This document is available free from  ready.gov and a copy is provided with OE21 tools


Note: This document is available free from  ready.gov and a copy is provided with OE21 tools