OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey and dashboard)

Title: OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Collect assessment of cybersecurity threats using Department of Homeland Security model.


Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT) and IT

Value: Assess cybersecurity in five (core) functional areas, including:






Inputs: OFT and IT teams input cybersecurity assessment ratings and comments into 22 question survey.

Outputs:  Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and responses)

OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey)

OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey) 1 of 22 questions

 www.surveymethods.com is used as survey tool

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx) (dashboard)

Title: OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx)

Purpose: Organizes and displays results of Cybersecurity Assessment survey 

Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Provides rating scores and barchart in five core functions of cybersecurity

Inputs: Data is from OFT 6.1c Key Supplier Performance Assessment (survey) for up to 10 key suppliers.

Computations:  Using survey data, the model provides ratings of 22 questions along with narrative comments of those responding. Using same survey data, the model creates the dashboard (see image below)

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx) - Dashboard example

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx) - Question example (1 of 22)

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Framework (.pdf) 

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Framework (.pdf)


Note: This document is available free from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. A copy is available with the OE21 tools and documents.