OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey and dashboard)

Title: OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Collect assessment of cybersecurity threats using Department of Homeland Security model.


Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT) and IT

Value: Assess cybersecurity in five (core) functional areas, including:






Inputs: OFT and IT teams input cybersecurity assessment ratings and comments into 22 question survey.

Outputs:  Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and responses)

OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey)


OFT 6.2b Cybersecurity Assessment (survey) 1 of 22 questions

 www.surveymethods.com is used as survey tool

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx) (dashboard)

Title: OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx)

Purpose: Organizes and displays results of Cybersecurity Assessment survey 

Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Provides rating scores and barchart in five core functions of cybersecurity

Inputs: Data is from OFT 6.1c Key Supplier Performance Assessment (survey) for up to 10 key suppliers.

Computations:  Using survey data, the model provides ratings of 22 questions along with narrative comments of those responding. Using same survey data, the model creates the dashboard (see image below)

oft6.2b.a.3.1 .PNG

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx) - Dashboard example


OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Assessment (.xlsx) - Question example (1 of 22)

OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Framework (.pdf) 


OFT_6.2b_Cybersecurity_Framework (.pdf)


Note: This document is available free from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. A copy is available with the OE21 tools and documents.