OFT_6.1d_Risk_Manager (.xlsx)

Title: OFT_6.1d_Risk_Manager (.xlsx)

Purpose: The OE21 Risk Manager tool is used to rank and prioritize significant risks that are or will be an impact on the organization, including financial, workforce, security, hazards, weather or other significant risks. 


Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Enables evaluation and management of risks, including time frame, impact (1-5), probability (%), mitigation plan, responsibility, action dates, progress in percent (5) and notes about the risks.   


Inputs: All fields are input except the Risk Rank Formula 

Calculations: Risk Rank Formula

The complete explanation for all inputs and outputs is documented in OE21 Standard 6.1d Innovation and Risk Management.


OFT_6.1d_Risk_Manager (.xlsx) - Example (left side of model)


OFT_6.1d_Risk_Manager (.xlsx) - Example (right side of model)