OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey and innovator model)

Title: OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Rapid Brainstorming. Solve problems, create opportunities, and reduce or eliminate risks. 

Value: Collect 1 to 10 ideas from each of 1 to 100 people (1000 ideas) using the OE21 survey system. Insert these survey ideas into the ACI-Innovator (spreadsheet model) and use the model to sort and analyze the ideas. 

Inputs: Role or Work Unit (pull-down selection of responder's role (title) or work unit), a Target Question, ten fields for ideas or suggestions with the corresponding subject of ideas. (See Figure 1).

Output 1: By using embedded macros, the input data are arranged in three columns (role, idea, category) The default sort is by Role or Category as shown in Figure 2. ​

Output 2:  Using Excel Filter (sorts) the input data may be sorted by subject/category (see Figure 3).

Target Question: What should the Elafino Sports Center do to avoid losing customers? 


Figure 1 OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey) 


  • One question is created and deployed to up to 100 responders​ (people)

  • Each responder inputs 1 to 10 ideas/suggestions and a 1 or 2-word subject of the idea

  • The survey results are exported to Excel (1 to 100 responders in one export file)

OFT_6.1d_Innovator (.xlsm) *model with macros

ACI Innovator role sort.png

Figure 2 - ACI Innovator with ideas sorted by role or work unit

ACI Innovator category sort.png

Figure 3 - ACI Innovator with ideas sorted by subject (Category)

Figure 3 also contains a macro that captures all subjects/category items that are identical (unique), as shown on the right side of the Figure 3 image. If one ACI Innovator session is sufficient to understand the problem and recommended solutions the Innovation Session Report may be prepared. (See Figure 4) 


Figure 4 - ACI Innovator with ideas sorted by subject (Category)

Figure 4 presents a recommended format for an Innovator Report that documents the outcomes of multiple Innovator sessions. Each session is one survey with a target question and the Innovator spreadsheet sorted ideas and categories from that session.

The results of one Innovator Session may be used to create a new target question for a second (drill-down) Innovator Session. This is called a drill-down of ideas to learn more until a good solution or understanding is reached. Each new drill-down means that a new target question is created and a new ACI Innovator session is launched, analyzed and used to move further toward the final Innovator Report. 

The drill-down cycle may be necessary until the final best set of ideas is captured, sorted and the results are ready to use.