OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey and innovator model)

Title: OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Rapid Brainstorming. Solve problems, create opportunities, and reduce or eliminate risks. 

Value: Collect 1 to 10 ideas from each of 1 to 100 people (1000 ideas) using the OE21 survey system. Insert these survey ideas into the ACI-Innovator (spreadsheet model) and use the model to sort and analyze the ideas. 

Inputs: Target Question. 

Outputs:  A list of ideas with categories in response to each Target Question (see image below)

Figure 1 OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey) 


  • One question is created and deployed to up to 100 responders​ (people)

  • Each responder inputs 1 to 10 ideas and a 1 or 2-word category for each idea

  • The survey results are exported (1 to 100 responders in one export file)

OFT_6.1d_Innovator (.xlsm) *model with macros

Title: OFT_6.1d_Innovator (.xlsm - spreadsheet with macros)

Purpose: Sort ideas and categories received from the OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey)

Value: Supports rapid analysis of ideas and development of recommendations or solutions associated with Target Questions.

Inputs: Data is from OFT 6.1d Innovator Assessment (survey).

Figure 2 - OFT_6.1d_Innovator (.xlsm) SM Page (partial view of ideas and categories collected)​

Target Question responses (ideas and categories from the survey) are inserted into the SM tab of the Innovator spreadsheet. Next, a Macro is used to sort ideas by their category. The ideas and categories then appear on the Results tab of the spreadsheet. See Figure 2. 

The Excel Sort (Z to A) feature is used to group ideas by their Category as shown in Figure 3 below. The example below shows ideas and categories written as if everyone created identical ideas and category descriptions. In actual idea/category collections the individual ideas are written in similar (but not exact) content. Running a series of sorts helps group ideas with categories. Sometimes it is useful to duplicate similar categories and then sort by category again. 

Figure 3 - Innovator with ideas sorted by Category

Figure 4 below presents a recommended format for an Innovator Report that documents the outcomes of multiple Innovator sessions. Each session is one survey with a target question and the Innovator spreadsheet sorted ideas and categories from that session.

Ideally, the results of one Innovator Session are used to create a target question for a second (drill-down) Innovator Session.

The drill-down cycle may be necessary until the final best set of ideas is captured, sorted and the results are ready to use.  

Figure 4 - Suggested OFT_6.1d_Innovator REPORT Page