OFT 6.1c Key Supplier Selection Assessment  (survey and matrix)

Title: OFT 6.1c Key Supplier Selection Assessment  (survey)

Purpose: Collect key supplier and partner selection data to use in selection or replacement

Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Learn how to measure key supplier selection criteria in seven categories, including:

  • Alignment

  • Strategic Fit

  • Vetting

  • Quality Requirements

  • Price Stability and Affordability

  • Delivery and Availability

  • Management and Continuity

Inputs: Ratings and Comments for each key supplier and partner

Outputs:  Key Supplier/Partner Selection Matrix


OFT 6.1c Key Supplier/Partner Selection Assessment (survey) example questions


Title: OFT_6.1c_Key_Supplier_Performance_Matrix (.xlsx)

Purpose: Display key supplier and partner ratings in seven areas important to the organization. 

Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Learn how each of the suppliers and partners compare in the seven performance categories (see image below)

Inputs: Data is from OFT 6.1c Key Supplier Performance Assessment (survey)

Computations:  Rating scores of 7 categories, summary ratings, and maximum versus average ratings. Note: The average performance score provides a good measure for trend charts so that trends of supplier and partner selection or replacement performance may be observed over time. 

6.1c Supplier Partner Selection LEFT.png

OFT_6.1c_Key_Supplier_Partner Selection_Matrix (.xlsx)  Left Side Example

6.1c Supplier Partner Selection RIGHT..p

OFT_6.1c_Key_Supplier_Partner Selection_Matrix (.xlsx)  Right Side Example