OFT_6.1a_Process_Designer (.xlsx)

Title: OFT_6.1a_Process_Designer (.xlsx)

Purpose: The Process Designer tool is used to create process charts for key processes (e.g. design, production, delivery, support, and administration processes).


Responsibility: Operations Focus Team (OFT)

Value: Enables analysis of process steps, Pt, Wt and NVA estimates which sets the stage for discovering ways to reduce cycle time (Ct) and costs of key processes. 


Inputs: Steps with titles, actions, performers, process time (Pt), wait time (Wt), non-value added time (NVA) and process cycle time (Ct). Option to include process step cost estimates for labor and non-labor costs.


Calculations: Ct = Pt + Wt + NVA. Option to include estimates of cost for each process step, along with summary process cost (Pt Cost).



Example OFT_6.1a_Process_Designer (.xlsx) - for a Procurement Process