LFT P2 Organizational Situation (survey)

Title: LFT P2 Organizational Situation (survey)

Purpose: Document a comprehensive snapshot of the organization's competitive environment, strategic context and more. 

Responsibility: Leadership Focus Team (LFT) and Customer Focus Team (CFT)

Value: Helps LFT and CFT establish organizational strategy for the competitive environment.

Inputs: LFT and CFT members with organization experience and knowledge respond to the ten (10) survey questions and collaborate to create the best organizational situation document

Outputs:  Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and responses)

Publish: The final P.2 Organizational Situation document is published on the organization's INTRANET (non-public access). Note: The P.2 document should be protected by passwords that selected organization LFT and CFT members may have access to. (This is sensitive competitive information).


LFT P2 Organizational Situation (survey) - 3 of 10 questions

See P.2 Case Study for a full view of example P.2 content and use