LFT 2.2 CPA CFO  Performance Assessment (survey)

Title: LFT 2.2 CPA CFO  Performance Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Collect CFO or CPA senior leaders assessment of current financial performance, including key financial indicators and ratios.

Responsibility: Leadership Focus Team (LFT CFO/CPA)

Value: Share current financial performance with other senior leaders and managers of the organization. This "open book" approach can create opportunities for improvements of department and work unit performance as well as financial performance of products, services or programs as well as internal expenses and overhead cost performance.

Inputs: Senior leaders and managers respond to twenty-three (23) question survey 

Outputs:  Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and responses)


LFT 2.2 CPA CFO  Performance Assessment (survey) - 3 of 23 questions