LFT_2.1_Organization_Strategy_Alignment (.xlsx)

Title: LFT_2.1_Organization_Strategy_Alignment (.xlsx)

Purpose and Value: Used to ensure that the final list of strategic objectives has appropriate balance across all levels of the workforce, customers, key stakeholders and the community. 


Responsibility: Leadership Focus Team (LFT) 


  • Current strategic goals and objectives

  • Current measures of strategic objectives

  • Current targets for each strategic objective

  • Percent of accomplishment (measures divided by targets)


Calculations and Observations: (see images below)

LFT_2.1_Organization_Strategy_Alignment (.xlsx) Example



1 - Misalignment or deficient goals and other info are highlighted by the LFT (orange in the example)

2 - Results Improvement Areas are in alignment with the OE21 Results Excellence Dashboard design, which is designed to the Baldrige Category 7 Results Criteria. 

3 - This example indicates that the organization's strategy development process has left Operations and Workforce Excellence out of the plans.