LFT 1.2 Community & Risk Assessment (survey)

Title: LFT 1.2 Community & Risk Assessment (survey)

Purpose: Collect community, legal and regulatory compliance and concerns from the organization's regional community. Community satisfaction with the organizations products, services, programs, facilities, operations, economic revenue and other key community data are collected. 

Responsibility: Leadership Focus Team (LFT) 

Value: Use the community data and information collected to improve products, services or programs as well facilities, operations and economic impact from the organizations community locations.

Inputs: Community organizations (e.g., Chambers of Commerce, major business, health care and educational institutions, and others respond to five (5) question survey 

Outputs:  Export from survey (spreadsheet file containing all questions and responses)

1.2 Community 5 SM.jpg

LFT 1.2 Community & Risk Assessment (survey) - 4 of 10 questions

Note: The survey attracts responses from a wide range of local community organizations, including government, health care, education, large non-profits, consumer groups, chambers of commerce and selected residential homeowner organizations.

Narrative comments or suggestions are also collected in addition to the ratings. 

LFT 1.2 Community & Risk Assessment Assessment Matrix 

Title: LFT 1.2 Community and Risk Assessment Matrix (.xlsx)

Purpose: Display Community and Risk Assessment survey ratings and comments

Responsibility: Leadership Focus Team (LFT)

Value: Learn how selected community organizations and stakeholders rate the organization in the following categories: positive impact, ethical behavior, equitable access, conservation, social contributions, community safety and referrals

Inputs: Data is from LFT 1.2 Community and Risk Assessment (survey)

Computations: Rating scores from 7 categories, summary ratings, and maximum versus average ratings. Also includes is trend of last 3 months, and the list of suggestions 

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LFT 1.2 Community and Risk Assessment Matrix (left and right sides)