CFT_7.2_PMS_Customer_Excellence_Metrics (.xlsx)

Title: CFT_7.2_PMS_Customer_Excellence_Metrics (.xlsx)

Purpose and Value: Helps select measures that have value in measuring and improving customer focused results as defined in Baldrige Category 7.2.

Responsibility: Customer Focus Team (CFT) 


  • Metrics tables of 20 suggested Customer Focused Results measures

  • Trend Charts (20 tabs) each containing data inputs for measures, targets, two benchmarks, and a high/low indicator 


Calculations and Observations: (see images below)

Example CFT_7.2_PMS_Customer_Excellence_Metrics (.xlsx) - Metrics Table (partial)

Example CFT_7.2_PMS_Customer_Excellence_Metrics (.xlsx) - Trend Chart - Adult Hockey Sales

Note: The Metrics Table provides a wide range of choices. This OE21 Model allows up to 20 measures for each of the four Focus Teams.

Example CFT_7.2_PMS_Customer_Excellence_Metrics (.xlsx) - Trend Chart - Service Performance