CFT_3.2_Prioritization of Prospects (.xlsx)

Title: CFT_3.2_Prioritization of Prospects (.xlsx)

Purpose and Value: Rates prospect individuals and organizations against various criteria, to help determine those most important and critical to the organization's success


Responsibility: Customer Focus Team (CFT) 


  • Person who prioritized

  • Role of person who prioritized

  • Prospect Demographics for Individuals

  • Prospect NAICS

  • Prospect Organization Name

  • Prospect Zip Code 

  • Prospect Prioritization (7 attributes)

Calculations and Observations:

  • Average for each attribute rated

  • Scores for each prospect

  • Comments for prospects

(see images below)

3.2 Priorization Prospects SM.png

CFT_3.2_Prioritization of Prospects Survey (partial screen)

3.2 Priorization Prospectst.png

CFT_3.2_Prioritization_Prospects (.xlsx) Example of 7 Attributes, Averages, Scores and Comments